Sacred Grid Pine Board


Check out these multi-purpose pine boards! These small-sized pine boards are laser-engraved with a Metatron grid to visibly guide you during grid-related rituals. 

  • Use to add some magic to your crystal grid sessions!
  • These boards are wax-friendly, so you can use it as a base for your candles. However, as these boards are not polished, please take note that they may stain from darker-coloured waxes. 
  • These boards are ethically sourced and are not polished/finished, therefore contain no toxic chemicals. 

  • Diameter: 18 cm, thickness: 1 cm

We support local Indonesian businesses, so these boards have been sourced from ethical pinewood plantations, and have been laser-engraved by local artisans.  

Contact us if you wish to order different sizes!

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