Full Moon Circle

Howling at the moon? Burning ritual? Intention setting? Charging crystals? Divine Feminine? What does it all mean?

CRYSTALS: Divine Instruments for Down-To-Earth Babes by Lorecurio

Want to learn more about crystals? What they do? Where to put them? How to cleanse them? Which one is for you? Purchase part 1 of this book and download it for your night-time reading now! Written to avoid any intimidation by Lorecurio, it is also beautifully illustrated by DaftDysnomia to keep the reading light, fun, and colorful.

Island Align

We are a collective created for those seeking to re-align their natural frequency. Island Align is a platform created by and created for individuals, experts, professionals, and businesses centered around the realm of mindful and holistic healing. We create workshops and events for people who are in search to realign their natural frequency with the universe.

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