Intention Setting Kit


Reach for the stars and set your intentions with our Intention Setting Kit!

Unlock your highest potential with the Intention Setting Kit. Carefully designed to help you organize your goals and determine the steps to reaching them, this kit provides all the materials needed to set intentions and keep them focused. Utilizing the power of reflection and goal-setting, you will be well on the way to achieving your ambitions.


What's in the kit:

1. Goddess Grid Tapestry by DaftDysnomia for Lorecurio 

2. Surprise Crystal! All our crystals have been intentionally selected, and acquired from sustainable and ethical mines around the world. 

3. Manifestation Workbook by Lorecurio

4. Lavender Candle from Okaeriscents

5. Jesmonite Tray from Arancia Studios

6. Matches 

7. A 10 minute guided meditation by Neisa

8. An in-depth manual to an intention setting ritual


More info:

  • All the digital components are downloadable through QR codes included in the manual. 
  • All rituals are designed to be loosely followed, as we believe in unique interpretation that speaks to an individual.
  • These rituals and practices that we recommend is created intentionally to help you with personal development and spiritual development. Our kits are available to individuals from all walks of life. 
  • All our items are designed in-house and carefully curated.
  • We support Indonesian women-founded small businesses and local brands. 
  • Please execute your rituals mindfully. Be safe when using fire, and keep away from children. 
  • For international shipments, we ship using Fedex and DHL. We want to inform our clients that, exporting minerals outside of Indonesia requires us to use these shipping companies. 
  • We do not accept refunds or returns. Please contact us if you have any questions!
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