Full Moon Circle Sacred Home Solo Kit


We dedicate this evening to pay our respects to the Divine Feminine and bathe in the full moon light. This night we celebrate our matriarchal roles by bouncing energy off our sisters and brothers-in-moon (OK so for the moment, you can feel your own energy bouncing off your crystals, your candles, your flowers, your shells, and wall)

Together (in spirit) we will clear a sacred space, align your frequencies through meditation, and burn (yes, BURN!) away any aspect in our lives through a banishment ritual. This is a non-religious movement, and the only magic you feel is the magic of COMMITMENT as you state and burn any bad vibes from your life. 

The Sacred Home Solo Kit includes:
  • Sacred Geometry pinewood board
  • Black and White candle
  • Selenite Crystal Bundle
  • Butterfly Pea Blossom (to make tea, or to add an extra pizzazz to your full moon water)
  • Full Moon Bath Salt
  • Flame-friendly notebook for banishment ritual
  • Sacred Space Kit
  • "My Full Moon Circle Is Not A Cult" Lorecurio T-shirt or 100% cotton reusable shopping bag with Moon Circle artwork
  • Downloadable PDF Manual on all things Full Moon
  • Exclusive invitation to join our Facebook Community Group Page where we will share pictures, reviews, advice, support, counselling, empowerment, and a good sense of community in this time of need (or for all lunar antisocials!) Bonus for all community participant is a life-long 15% discount on all our items! 
  • All our items have been blessed with sage, cleansed with sacred water from an Ubud waterfall, and charged under the Full Moon ✨
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