Crystellarium Standard Zodiac Constellation Crystal Posters


Custom-order a star map poster depicting you or your loved one's horoscope. These unique art posters are perfect to gift to a friend for their birthday, for a baby shower gift, a wedding gift, or for yourself. They are also perfect to symbolise your squad or your family's eternal love written in the stars.

Our posters are unique- not only are they printed and hand-made with love in Indonesia, they also have authentic Swarovski crystal elements to add that extra twinkle. You may also order a printable document. 

Posters come in sizes that fit Ikea's HOVSTA frames. These frames can be purchased in your local Ikea store. We recommend these frames as they fit our starmaps and because its 3D depth ensures breathing space for our crystals. 

Our artwork on the poster is unique, as each star is depicted as a crystal. Artwork is done by DaftDysnomia

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