Prasiolite Crystal Shards


PRASIOLITE 🌿 Green Quartz ✨ This rarity is also known as Green Amethyst and has all the properties of Amethyst and MORE. It taps into your Anahata, your Heart Chakra, and heals past traumas by helping you make peace and forgive 💚

..Prasiolite was discovered and is found in Brazil, although some have been found in Poland and Thunder Bay in Canada. Since the 50’s, these have been exclusively mined for jewelry so finding polished or raw pieces like these are quite rare! Amethyst can also be heat-treated to turn green— they are visibly different to our natural ones as they turn a darker green, not far different from the process of heat-treating Amethyst to become “Citrine.”


  • The listing is for one crystal
  • These stones have been cleansed, and charged under the Full Moon light. 
  • Upon arrival at its new home, it is recommended you re-cleanse, re-charge, and program to your intentions. 
  • A perfect addition for your altar or collection, it can be used for reiki or meditation, or simply to carry in your pocket for protection. 
  • The crystal will be intuitively selected with you in our minds; therefore, please expect to receive a divinely random piece! We 100% believe your invested time to foster and build a relationship with your crystal can turn it into a powerful instrument to manifest your desires.

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