Daft Dysnomia Chinese Zodiac Illustration For Printing


DaftDysnomia's Chinese Zodiac Animal series illustrates each animal with personality and panache.

The Chinese Zodiac is alike the Western Zodiac in many ways, but many find the personification of animals more relatable, and are gaining more and more followers in recent years. DaftDysnomia hopes to strengthen that identity by giving attributes and words of wisdom into each animal. 

Each illustration is original, and created on Procreate. Purchase each digital illustration for your own personal use-- get it printed for your wallet or your room, carry it like a good luck charm everywhere you go, or gift it to someone. You can even use it for your blog! For commercial uses, please contact us!

Receive a download link upon purchase. Each file will come without a watermark and the best quality for printing on canvas, paper, textile. 

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