Blue Tiger Eye Spheres

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Improve your communication skills with these gorgeous Blue Tiger Eyes Baby Spheres!   

This soothing stone provides a sense of calm and peace before facing a wild storm. Also called Hawk's Eye, this blue variety of Tiger Eye attunes to your Third Eye and your Throat Chakra, making it a good stone for all speakers, public image personas, professional musicians, and leaders. These spheres have gorgeous silver-blue-gray and yellow flashes. 
  • The listing is for one crystal sphere.
  • These stones have been cleansed, and charged under the Full Moon light. 
  • Upon arrival at its new home, it is recommended you re-cleanse, re-charge, and program to your intentions. 
  • A perfect addition for your altar or collection, it can be used for reiki or meditation, or simply to carry in your pocket for protection. 
  • The crystal will be intuitively selected with you in our minds; therefore, please expect to receive a divinely random piece! We 100% believe your invested time to foster and build a relationship with your crystal can turn it into a powerful instrument to manifest your desires.

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