Lavender Yttrium Fluorite Towers


Surrender to your delicate pastel soul with these stunning Lavender Fluorite from Brazil! 

Also commonly known as Lavender Fluorite, Yttrium Fluorite is heavenly, majestic, and subtle 💜 Reminiscent of the colors of twilight hours, this crystal defends your fantasies and dreams from being contaminated by negative frequencies. These towers are sourced ethically from Brazil, and we have stocked various sizes for you!

Due to the inclusion of the mineral Yttrium in Lavender Fluorite, these crystals glow in the dark! If you have a UV light handy, watch it glow in the dark <3

  • The listing is for one crystal tower.
  • These stones have been cleansed, and charged under the Full Moon light. 
  • Upon arrival at its new home, it is recommended you re-cleanse, re-charge, and program to your intentions. 
  • A perfect addition for your altar or collection, it can be used for reiki or meditation, or simply to carry in your pocket for protection. 
  • The item will be intuitively selected with you in our minds; therefore, please expect to receive a divinely random piece! We 100% believe your invested time to foster and build a relationship with your crystal can turn it into a powerful instrument to manifest your desires.
  • If the item is out of stock, you are still able to place an pre-order with a lead time of 14 working days. 

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