Customize Your Textile Print


Get your own design printed on fabric, or work with our designer for a unique print! Have the option to create your own clothing, accessories, or home items. 

Step 1

  • Select which fabric you want.
  • All fabrics come in panel format at 1 meter (1.09 yards) each.
  • If you need 10 meters, select "10" on the quantity.
  • Please have the "size" selected as 110 cm x 100 cm, not 110 cm x 400 cm, otherwise the "add to cart" button will show up as "unavailable."

If you need a panel format more than 1 meter, please contact us and we will issue a custom order!

  • Neoprene material (stretchy)
  • Chiffon silk material (light and flows)
  • Canvas material (perfect for structured items)
  • For over twenty more more options, contact us!

If you want to get just your own print digitally, select "JPEG", and we can send you the file in several different formats (i.e.: .PSD, .PDF, etc.)

Step 2

Click "add to cart," and continue to check out at your own time!

Step 3

Your order receipt will be e-mailed to you. We will get in touch with you to e-mail your prints to us via WeTransfer or Google Drive. If you have selected "Work With Your Designer," we will get in touch within 24 hours to work with you one-on-one regarding your idea and how we will make it into reality! 

Happy creating!

Digital files- upon purchase, we will send you a link to download the print. 

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