Chapter 2 ZEPHYR collection brings the shape and grains of natural crystals to game. Many healers and reiki practitioners believe there is a power program in crystals that have been marinating within the earth for millions of years. They have been used as mediums of healing, protection and medicine for hundreds of years. Crystals are more traditionally used as jewellery, and although they exist but uncommonly, they have been used as prints on clothes and accessories as well. When one looks close into its veins and skin, a crystal displays a multitude of universes, each detail ripe with unique personality and vibe. Our prints are zoomed in depictions of Malachite, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, and Amethyst.

The four crystals and stones compelled us to focus on four wardrobe colour staples: emerald green, soft pink, black and pastels, and magenta. Although these colours are not considered basics, they are encouraged to be styled with basics and different fabric textures, such as silk, denim, leather and more. Chapter 2 also introduces T-shirts into the collection, to encourage our endorser into creatively mixing and matching every article of clothing.