Customise Your Own Colouring Book by Daft Dysnomia


Customise your own colouring book! Fill the pages of your book with images of your choosing-- your identity, your hobbies, your favourite things, or thematic icons!

Create a unique experience for your kids, or for yourself! 


Work with @DaftDysnomia to personalise your icons for your very own colouring book! Upon your order, we will discuss via e-mails to discover and generate the icons that we will design originally for you. These icons are not limited to kids-related themes, but can also extend to adult-theme events such as bridal showers, birthday parties, hobbies, seasons, and more! 

  • Design may take up to 14 days business days, and printing may take up to 7 business days and doesn't include shipping period. 
  • We can generate as many as 20 unique icons
  • Each book consists of 8 colouring pages (16 back and front)
  • Icons will be color-finished for the cover and stickers (if any), and they will be in black and white for the colouring pages
  • All designs are originally designed and created by DaftDysnomia
  • You have the option of printing the books, or getting digital files to print in your own city: 
  1. If you opted to purchase digital files, you will receive a download link that you can forward directly to your local printer-- all the pages have been set in a ready-to-print layout. This could be a better option to save on shipping cost. 
  2. If you opted to print the books with us, allow time to print and to ship to you!







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