Customisable Printable Sticker, Digital Download, PNG File, by DaftDysnomia


Have fun with your kids (or yourself) with stickers! Purchase, download, print, and cut it yourself for instant fun.

Consult with us to customise your own stickers! You can order up to 20 unique and original icons by @DaftDysnomia

  • The downloadable file is formatted to print on an A4 size sticker sheet, and is best printed on an Inkjet printer. Please cut with care! Stick it everywhere <3
  • Each A4 page will fit 10 icons. You can order 20 icons for two pages. 
  • This is a digital icon design project. The files will be yours and is up to you what you want to do with it! Gift it, sell it, mass-produce it, use it for your business, anything!



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